Education Award Program

The Utah Campus Compact Education Award only AmeriCorps program has enrolled over 4,000 members since 2011. For about 6 years now  Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps members have served over 1 million hours of service, mobilized and recruited over 17,000 volunteers, and have earned over 4.2 million dollars in Education Awards.

The Utah Campus Compact Education Award only program recruits mostly college and university students across the state to support undeserved populations throughout the communities in Utah. Utah Campus Compact Education Award only program concentrates on four focus areas to ensure support is being provided to communities in need. The following focus areas are:

  • Education 1: Tutoring and other education programs for K-12 students
  • Education 2: College access and success programs for K-16 students
  • Healthy Futures: Preventative and primary health care for underinsured/underserved patients and patients living in rural areas
  • Capacity Building: Leveraging community assets through partnerships with non-profit organizations and student service centers on a college or university campus

Utah Campus Compact offers four different hour terms. The Education Award amount differs based on the term hour the member agrees to complete:

  • 300 – $1230.69
  • 450 – $1538.36
  • 675 – $2215.24

Please note that not all institutions will offer every type of hour term as shown above. Contact your campus coordinator to ensure the hour term you want is available at that institution.

How to become a Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Member

1. You must first contact the campus coordinator at your designated college or university institution (click here to view a list of campus coordinators) to ensure there are slot positions available and to ensure your service will align with Utah Campus Compact’s focus areas.

2. After you have confirmed with the campus coordinator that there is an available slot position for you, you must complete an online orientation (click here to view scheduled online orientations). If there are no dates or times that fit your schedule, contact your campus coordinator and they will work with you to find a time that works.

3. Once you finish the orientation, you must complete enrollment paperwork with your campus coordinator.

4. Utah Campus Compact will then officially enroll you into the AmeriCorps system once we receive your paperwork.

5. You will then begin your term of service and complete all the requirements and service hours before receiving your Education Award!