Site Supervisors

Your Role Defined

  • Site supervisors are responsible for approving Service Hour Records for AmeriCorps members using an online system each month the member is enrolled in the AmeriCorps Program.
  • Site supervisors must ensure that all hours are correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge, site supervisors must also ensure that both member and site supervisor does not approve hours before they are actually served.
  • Site supervisors have the ability to clear signatures for Service Hour Record corrections. They will also be responsible for reporting on member service by completing Pre and Post Assessments.
  • Site Supervisors must be able to ensure the following below and in the Position Description:
  1. I understand that as site supervisor, I will be responsible to complete a brief assessment on the impact of AmeriCorps members for each member, once a year.
  2. I understand that as site supervisor, I cannot be related by blood or marriage to any other project staff or responsible Corporation program staff.
  3. I understand that members and their mobilized volunteers cannot duplicate, supplant, or displace any existing volunteers, staff, contracts or efforts at my organization.
  4. I understand the prohibited activities members cannot engage in while serving and will ensure they, or their mobilized volunteers, do not perform any prohibited activities while serving on AmeriCorps time.
  5. I will complete the Site Supervisor AmeriCorps Orientation within the same week the member begins their term of service.
  6. I will ensure that an AmeriCorps poster is displayed at my organization while a member serves at my organization. Utah Campus Compact will mail this to your site.
  7. I understand that until the site supervisor has received notification from UCC that an AmeriCorps Member has cleared the criminal history check, the member must be accompanied while serving vulnerable populations.
  8. I will allow members to vote, attend jury duty, and attend National Guard responsibilities while serving and understand that members can count this time as part of their AmeriCorps service.
  9. I understand that in partnering with Utah Campus Compact, I, or a designated representative (site supervisor) from my organization, will be responsible for verifying members’ Service Hour Record once a month within 5 business days of the previous month’s close (calendar provided).

New Site Supervisors are highly encouraged to view the following slides about their role and responsibilities.

After an account has been created site supervisors will receive an email from ipt_emailer {at} secureserver(.)net containing their login information to our online system called IPT. This email will give site supervisors instructions on how to log in and what forms they will need to sign.

Utah Campus Compact will hold monthly Live Webinars for our site supervisors to receive training and to have questions answered. These Live Webinars are not a requirement but will be very helpful. Site Supervisors will also receive monthly support emails from UCC providing program updates and reminders for site supervisors.

The following tutorial explains how a Member can correctly complete their Service Hour Record Form. Site Supervisors may view this video for added perspective.

What is the Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program?

This program is an intensive volunteer program which allows students that regularly volunteer in their community (average minimum of 5.75 hours per week for a full year) to serve while continuing their education. Service is not random, one-time, or short term. Members who complete their hours and other requirements as described in the member Position Description, will earn an Education Award ranging from $1,230 – $2,215 through the National Service Trust.