Annual Utah Campus Compact Awards

The purpose of the Utah Campus Compact Awards is to recognize the work of outstanding faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners at member institutions on a statewide level.

Recognition Award Categories

Each institution is encouraged to submit one award recipient for each of the following categories.  However, UCC can be flexible and is willing to confer up to 6 awards per campus.

Committed Community Partner

This award recognizes an individual or organization that:

  • Strengthens community involvement at your institution
  • Provides meaningful service and learning opportunities for students
  • Enhances their agency’s mission/programs/goals by partnering with your institution

Community Engaged Scholar

This award recognizes an individual with:

  • Experience in using community engaged or service-learning as a successful pedagogy
  • Innovation in employing reflective strategies to connect students’ service with academics
  • Evidence of academic community engagement through teaching, community-based research, or promotion of service-learning on campus or in one’s discipline

Community Engaged Staff Member

  • This award recognizes a staff member that:Shows leadership in advancing community engagement as a critical component within their higher education institution;
  • Forms innovative campus and community partnerships;
  • Engages, models, or influences students to be involved in community service and/or service-learning.

Community Engaged Student

This award recognizes a student or a student group that:

  • Demonstrates commitment to building or enhancing campus-based efforts to address community needs
  • Leads, inspires, and engages other students, members of the institution, or community
  • Demonstrates efforts to sustain their work through developing strategies for institutional and community commitment

Community Engaged Alum

This award recognizes an alum of your institution that:

  • Demonstrates on-going and deep commitment to community engagement
  • Leads, inspires, and engages other members of their community toward positive social change
  • Furthers the community engagement efforts of the institution