Salt Lake Community College

Pedro Rico

Political Science

I see there is a lack of representation for minorities in our community. I want to be a conduit for change for them to dream big and reach their potential. It’s disheartening seeing people of color not completing their high school education. That is what motivates me to promote change.

After participating on an Alternative Spring Break trip, Pedro applied for SLiCE: Student Leaders in Civic Engagement. He has become one of the most vocal advocates for the work we do. Pedro was a leader for the Bruin Pantry Open House and a key liaison between our office and SLCCSAA. He represented the Thayne Center on the Utah Campus Compact Student Advisory Council and the SLCC Student Fee Board. Pedro lives and breathes the Thayne Center values through his coursework. He has cultivated a strong sense of values and is willing to use his voice to stand up for his local community. Pedro is great at seeing the big picture of systemic forces that perpetuate oppression on local and national levels. He does not shy away from tough questions and thinks critically about where we need to move as a society to make it a more equitable place for all.

Student Group

Social Work Club

The SLCC Social Work Association is committed to civic engagement and social responsibility on campus and within the greater community because we believe strongly in our vision to help provide our SLCC community with opportunities and activities that help make impactful social change realistic, approachable and accessible.

This club is all about service! The SLCC Social Work Association is a fantastic student club focusing on community engagement. They were instrumental in the movement to address and fight food insecurity by establishing the college’s first on-campus food pantry. They have recently engaged in several donation drives to collect feminine hygiene items, baby diapers and wipes, and protein-packed foods. They also offered students a free suicide prevention class this semester. Last semester the club engaged in fundraising efforts to collect $400 to purchase 600 pumpkins from a local farmer. They delivered these pumpkins to the University of Utah for a collaborative Halloween event at Officer’s Hollow for lower-income neighborhoods to have a happy, safe, and fun Halloween experience. In addition, they regularly organize donation drives for many organizations, including some of the Thayne Center’s community partners. They are committed to upholding SLCC’s core value of inclusivity.

Benjamin Solomon

Associate Professor, English Department

I engage with communities to bring real-world writing situations into my composition classroom so that students can have powerful experiences of writing as a form of action in the world and a tool for positive change.

Benjamin has helped spearhead efforts to Engage the English Department. He has not only designated his courses with service-learning, but also mentors other faculty to do so. Because of his strong leadership, the English department has been awarded thee Service-Learning Grant & Designation (SLG&D) Engaged Department grants and one for a collaborative, year-long course sequence. At the forefront of his efforts is coordinating the English department service-learning committee, which ensures that all SLG&D action items are achieved. These items include identifying departmental community partners, creating a service-learning ENGL 1010/2010 course sequence in collaboration with partners, offering teaching circles, a newsletter, and creating a Civically Engaged Scholars pathway. As a service-learning practitioner, he uses innovative reflection techniques. Benjamin is a strong, competent leader who is helping his department move forward with civic and community engagement efforts holistically, thereby helping to institutionalize engagement efforts at the college as a whole.

Kathie Campbell

Director of Student Services and Site Support North Region

Community engagement gives us the opportunity to connect, support, and serve one another. When we open doors for students to volunteer, they enrich both those they serve and themselves. Caring and giving of oneself has a ripple effect that always finds its way home.

Kathie has been a HUGE supporter campus-based solutions for various issues, notably food insecurity and her support of the Bruin Campus Cupboard (SLCC’s on-campus food pantry). When the pantry at the South City Campus moved from the tiny location on the second floor, downstairs to a bigger and better location, Kathie was instrumental in helping the pantry make the on-campus connections they needed to operate at optimum level. She has been very generous with her time and resources and our campus community is stronger because of it.

Amy Royer

Adjunct Faculty Fashion Design

Ask questions about the products you to use daily. Where do they come from? Who made them? Once your conscience catches up with that knowledge, you’ll be driven to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Amy Royer is an adjunct instructor in the fashion program who have started teaching a Fashion sustainability class in the past two years. She created the whole curriculum that is evolving every semester. She is educating fashion students and her colleague on the value of reduce, reuse, and recycle. She brought containers and left them in every classroom to collect the fabric remnants then she collaborated with an artist with whom they created yearn with the leftover remnants and created beautiful bags. She and her students also spearheaded a recycled fashion show for Earth day. She decided not to buy any clothing for herself and her family a whole year and to just use what they have.

She drives a Toyota Prius and all around super conscious of the value of sustainable lifestyle. She has made a difference in this arena by educating everyone around her.

Apollo Burgamy

Volunteer and Alumni Coordinator

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah

I believe that we can inspire those around us to be their best selves. I believe in investing the time to co-educate SLCC student volunteers so that we equip the next generation with the resources and tools necessary to make our communities stronger and more impactful for those in need.

Apollo is the ideal committed community partner. He has a strong desire to connect students to the BBBS mission in a way that is meaningful. He gets the importance of engaging volunteers through educational outlets at a time in their life when they too can make a difference for “little’. Not only has Apollo been a big advocate for service in the community, he is an advocate for fellow partners with the Thayne Center. It is not just about how BBBS can benefit from the partnership, it is about how everyone can benefit from working together. Apollo knows that community engagement is not just about how he can get students to volunteer for BBBSU, but how we are able to fulfill our communities’ greatest needs through partnerships. Through their partnership, they have been able to engage with students, faculty,staff and the English Department, to find volunteer mentors for BBBSU youth.