Salt Lake Community College

Rommy Munoz Velez

Field of Study Psychology

Rommy has been a terrific tutor through the America Reads program during her time at Salt Lake Community College. She has performed tutoring at the YMCA and Esperanza Elementary; both organizations have given very positive feedback about her interactions with students. She is consistently well organized, inclusive of group members, and is the first one to volunteer to take on an extra task. This year, Rommy joined SLiCE. She has collaborated with staff to build systems within the America Reads program. She is a strong communicator, very patient, and good at brainstorming new ideas. Her presence, wisdom, and intentional thinking  in the Thayne Center is valued and will have a lasting impact on our growth.

Andrea Malouf

Associate Professor, English Department

“I think it comes down to Maya Angelou’s “If you want don’t like something, change it.” I don’t like that good people suffer from poverty, discrimination or the same access to resources and opportunities. I may not be able to change these issues, but working with teens experiencing homelessness or people living with MS or undocumented students applying for DACA can make a difference.””

Andrea is a passionate,caring, community focused and very valued faculty member in the English department. In 2007, she was acknowledged by the Thayne Center Director as the very first faculty to have levels or pathways built in for students providing more choice and diversity of service. She served for six years as the Director and two years as the Associate Director of the Community Writing Center; a nationally recognized center. It was the first of its kind in the nation and a model for future center, YWCA, etc. Andrea assisted in the creation of the first alternative weekend service project; this project is still going strong with other courses and is collaborative amongst disciplines. The extent of her involvement and passion for people in the community is truly remarkable.

Will Unga

Student Employment & Co-op

Will is always looking for innovative ways to help students. He created and currently assists with the Multicultural Career Advancement Program or MCAP; a group of community business leaders who present to students about their job, the education it requires, and things that students can do to get by until they graduate. He helped the Multicultural and Diversity department coordinate the Polynesian event at the grand theater; over 700 people were in attendance. In addition, he helped create programming like PowWow and  the MLK Empowering Women event. He is a member of the Zions Bank Diverse Markets Board, where he talks with diverse leaders in various industries and compares what they are doing and learning to our students and shares that innovative insight with students and advisors about industry trends.Will also volunteers with the Pacific Island knowledge to Action Resources; He currently serves as the advisor for the Pacific Unity Association and the Peer Action Leaders working with over 20 students.

Amber Rowlett

Field of Study: Hospitality

“I find that being involved in the community makes you feel like you are a part of what’s going on. You just feel better about the way things are going. You cant feel better about they way things are going if you don’t contribute to bring about that change.”
Amber’s time as a Civically Engaged Scholar made her realize the importance of her work in local government. At the Governor’s office Amber is logging and responding to the individual views of the community regarding Bears Ears. She has also been working at homeless shelters and networking with the biggest advocate for homelessness in Utah; Pamela Atkinson. These opportunities have led to her attend and participate in the legislature process. Amber is also regularly involved with the Susan G. Komen foundation, where she helps plan the annual Race for the Cure.

Kellie Mieremet (Family Support Center)

Kellie is a fierce advocate, volunteer,  and progressively involved community partner. She is an alumna of SLCC and graduated 2001 with multiple degrees and since then has Partnered with the Thayne Center having a strong background in service- learning, she is highly passionate about volunteer management and professionalizing in that career. She has fully embraced her role as a co-educator far beyond working with service-learning students and into working with the community at large, from Community Nursing, Social Work Students, to Technical Writing students.