Utah Valley University


Chad Talbot


Simply put, I feel good when I’m helping others. I enjoy making a difference, whether it be a small act of kindness in someone’s life, or an act of service benefiting the community. Making a positive impact in others’ lives has in effect made a larger impact in my own.

• Chad began three programs in the Volunteer and Service Learning Center: LipSync for Literacy, Real Talk, and Project Read Tutoring

• As Vice President of Internal Affairs of the UVU Service Council, Chad organized leadership trainings for students, organized leadership retreats, and supervised the use of the service council budget.

• In his demanding Senior year, Chad stayed involved with the council as the Program Director in charge of Project Read Tutoring and remains a dedicated volunteer to his community and UVU. 

Maria Blevins

Assistant Professor of Communications

I believe the noblest goal of education is to help student become engaged community members and citizens.  Through engaged learning students and I can apply theory, skills, and ideas to real world subjects.  This application helps our students and our community grow.

• Maria Blevins is a scholar of conflict, organizational and environmental communication. 

• She is a UVU Service-Learning Faculty Fellow and teaches multiple service-learning designated courses.
• Maria is interested in the ways organizations involved with disputes concerning natural resource are communicating and how organizational identities effect that communication. Through community-based research with her students, she hopes to gain knowledge that will facilitate changes in organizations and institutions to support a more sustainable mode of functioning.

• Most recently, she is part of a cross-disciplinary faculty team that submitted an NSF grant to support their research on the health and revitalization of Utah Lake.

Frederick White

Associate Vice-President

Office of Engaged Learning

Utah Valley University is designated by the Carnegie Foundation as Community Engaged. This is foundational in our maturation from community college to university status. As such, the Office of Engaged Learning has been committed to efforts that draw our community and university into a closer and mutually beneficial relationship.

• Institutionalized Community Engagement as one of the five pillars of Engaged Learning

• Key player in establishing Community-Based Participatory Research Service-Learning Fellows, High Impact Community Partnership SEED Grants, and Service-Learning Mini-Grants

• Coordinated and co-authored UVU’s Civic Action Plan

• Champions service-learning, Service Scholar, and Alternative Breaks programs of the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center.

Cristobal Villegas

By living through and being the consequences of the sacrifices of my immigrant parents, doing my best for everyone has been on my mind since childhood. Being engaged with the community is not sitting idly by, but being one of the first to risk it all for the betterment of all.

• UVU graduate with a degree in political science, University of Utah MPA graduate Spring 2018

• While a student, active working with Service Council, Multicultural Student Council, and other inclusion efforts around campus, including founding both Diversity Dialogues and Diversity Lectures

• Served as a National Delegate for Congressional District 3, participating in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

• Currently serving as the Secretary of the Utah Democratic Party.

Danielle and Danjuma Alcala

Directors, Because He First Loved Us

We do what we do because we are followers of Jesus! He taught that we should love the Lord our God with our heart, with all our soul and all our mind, and love our neighbor as yourself.  We love Because He First Loved Us. Love is our motivation.

• Run an amazing volunteer organization in Midvale that reaches out to refugee youth in the Salt Lake Valley. 

• They have given students the opportunity to participate in thousands of hours of service, often tailored to the talents and interests of the students. 

• In Fall 2017, one of my students wanted to talk about self-esteem and the Alcala’s helped her and about 10 more of my students put on an event about self-esteem and anti-bullying for about 70 refugee youth.

• They have been invaluable in Dr. Colvin’s quest for making sure that service-learning allows students to participate and learn while at the same time serving the community.