Westminster College


Sterling Johnson 

Field of Study: Public Health

Sterling’s passionate for volunteering and creating  volunteer projects for himself . at Westminster. Last year he tutored and participated in South Salt Lake’s reading buddy program at Hser Ner Moo and Central Park Community Center. He created a “meal plan” food drive on campus where students donated more than $800.00 from their meal plan funds to community centers in South Salt Lake.

He also attended the May Term Service learning trip in Thailand and decided to stay after and volunteer at a local school. He created a winter clothing drive recently where he was able to gather more than 40 snow suits for kids at Woodrow Wilson to attend winter field trips (Skiing). He is currently working with a Westminster Alumni by setting up a health clinic in SSL .He truly is an outstanding community engaged student!

 Emily Rains

Assistant Professor of Law
Emily is passionate about students and their professional and personal success. Emily is also passionate about serving her community and helping people improve the quality of their lives. She is excited by the prospect that students who participate in the program continue to give back to their community for years to come.
in 2015, Emily’s team and her served 1,729 families and assisted taxpayers with capturing $2.1, in 2016 we served 2,100+ families and returned approximately $3.2M+ to the community. This year their goal is to serve 3,000 families. To date, during the first month of operations, they are 1/3 of way to reaching their goal with 1.75 months let to go. Emily loves this program because students gets real life experience while contemporaneously serving the public and learning passion for service – lessons that last a lifetime.



Rob Myers

Undergraduate Admissions/Black Student Union Advisor

Robs’ passion is people! His motto is to leave a space better than you found it. He holds that with him as he navigates the terrain at Westminster. It is the hope that his struggles here will, not only spark conversation, but initiate action to assure future students, faculty and staff a better, more diverse experience at Westminster College

As an Admissions Counselor, Rob has the privilege of serving as Chair for the Capacity Building Task Force, where they evaluate current work practices and modify processes to provide a better work space for the Admissions team to effectively do their jobs. This includes examining job descriptions, organizational structure and training manuals for onboarding. Last summer, with the help of key players across campus, Rob created a survival guide for incoming students that lists various cultural restaurants, places of worship and affinity groups for varied identities to commune. This was in response to students from other states and countries coming to Salt Lake and not feeling a sense of normalcy. The survival guide is Westminster’s go-to resource to get plugged in! Rob also established MOSAIC, a recruitment series specifically recognizing students of color. In order for incoming students to make a connection to campus, it’s important that they see themselves in the student body, staff and faculty.


   Ciara Gregovich

“The world needs more peacemakers and caring people, and I choose to base my existence in doing what I can to improve other people’s lives who weren’t born into situations as fortunate as mine.”

Ciara really enjoys giving back to the community!  The school she works at, Woodrow Wilson, has 730 something students, which incorporates 76 different languages spoken in homes and all from 36 different countries. These families are refugees, single parent, low income, undocumented, etc. because she works at the school in the daytime. She is able to assist families by connecting them resources they may not have known are available to them. 

She has connected people to employment, food and utility help. She is currently working to create a new partnership with Promise’s health fair to incorporate more access to affordable health in the community. While not set in stone, she is working with the Utah department of health and junior league to have people there to hopefully have booths to address maternal health, addiction, food access, dental care and dermatology.

Bonnie Owens

Promise South Salt Lake

In Promise South Salt Lake, Bonnie has worked to deepen the partnership between our After school Programs and Westminster College. The legacy of mutual enrichment is especially rich at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. This year at Woodrow:

Everyday, Bonnie has the honor of teaching the smartest, sweetest, most resilient children she’s ever meet. They come to school willing to learn and to love despite facing many adult-sized barriers to success. Poverty, hunger, racism, xenophobia are all big issues, but the kids in South Salt Lake have even bigger goals. They want to graduate from high school. They want to go to college. They want to be athletes and writers, scientists and artists, teachers and activists. They want to be a hundred other things that don’t even exist yet. They want to serve their families and their communities. They want to thrive. And Bonnie wants all of that for them. Bonnie gets to work every day with people and partners who are dedicated to breaking down those barriers so our children realize their goals. Bonnie feels so lucky and humbled to be a witness to their lives and to the future they’re creating for all of us.

Bonnie’ staff, both Westminster students, have piloted a special Saturday mentoring program for a group of 5th graders at Woodrow Wilson. The two started by bringing together Westminster volunteers to take children on experiential field trips during the summer. Over the last few months, they’ve worked hard to formalize and expand this program. The Little Griffins now offers paid mentoring opportunities to 8 Westminster students and partners with many community organizations and business to give our children truly unique experiences they might not otherwise have access to.