Utah Campus Compact History

National Campus Compact was founded in 1985 by higher education leaders who were concerned democracy and community engagement in the United States (See “History”). In Utah there was a loose organization for institutions of higher education that “sought to strengthen community service” at each institution known as Serving Utah Network (SUN). By the mid 1990s representatives of each campus endorsed the replacement of SUN with Utah Campus Compact, the Utah member organization of National Campus Compact. Utah Campus Compact was formally created on November 21, 1996 with a “mission to foster in students the values and skills of citizenship through active involvement in academically -based and co-curricular public and community service” (See UTCC Strategic Plan, “Past and Present”).

Below is a timeline to Utah Campus Compact:

In 2016 Utah Campus Compact celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Below is the brochure celebrating the 20th Anniversary.

Below is the brochure celebrating Utah Campus Compact’s 15th Anniversary.